Saturday, June 21, 2014

Personalized Candy Bars for a local radion station-HOT101.5 in Tampabay

AJ Wrappers recently made personalized candy bars for a local radio station, HOT101.5 after winning Tampabay Rays Baseball tickets from them. Alice wanted to thank HOT101.5 for the tickets, so she made them candy bars!

You can follow HOT101.5 on twitter here
Here are some Tweets from Phoebe and Chase from HOT101.5 Thanking AJ Wrappers for their candy bars.....


Picking up the tickets....
Alice's first time going to a Rays game...

'E. Dash' from HOT101.5 (Street Team)

"Street Team" from HOT101.5
 June 20, 2014



Kevin Kiermaier
Jerry Sands

Jerry Sands

Jerry Sands

Phoebe and 'Dash' from HOT101.5 (May 2014)
Alice and her kids
Alice and the "HOT Crew" (December 2012)
From the Hot Holiday Wish Contest

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